What Muslims believe – Surveys

This section summarises surveys of Muslims giving their views on good and bad behaviour, and how they perceive themselves and the differences between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Pew Global Attitudes Survey 2010

These results are shocking. Most Muslims favour stoning to death for adultery, whipping or amputation for theft, and the death penalty for apostasy. See here for summary results.

Pew Global Attitudes (Pakistan) 2010

More than eight-in-ten support segregating men and women in the workplace, stoning adulterers, and whipping and cutting off the hands of thieves. Roughly three-in-four endorse the death penalty for those who leave Islam. See here for summary results.

Gallup Coexist 2009

The Headlines You Didn’t See! • A quarter of British Muslims don’t have confidence in the country’s Judicial system and courts! • British Muslims are the least integrated in Europe, only one in 10 is integrated. See here for summary results.

Populus for Policy Exchange

…. something like a quarter or a third of British Muslims hold beliefs that are completely at odds with western Christian and Enlightenment secular values and British culture in particular. See here for summary results.

Open Society Institute

UK Muslims are Europe’s most patriotic ….. on average 78% of Muslims identified themselves as British, although this dropped by six points in east London.” Remarkably, even the authors of the report themselves say that the findings are not representative. See here for summary results.

Esposito & Mogahed

(1) Only a small minority of Muslims are radicalised (2) The radicals are driven by politics not by religion (3) Muslims are not against democracy (4) Muslims want the West to respect Islam See here for summary results.

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