Islam’s scholars

Here are the statements and views of leading Islamic scholars and preachers. They show the huge gap between Islam and liberal secular beliefs especially concerning Church and State, Women, Freedom of Speech and Islamic supremacy.

Why is secularism incompatible with Islam?

By Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Secularism can never enjoy a general acceptance in an Islamic society. For Muslim societies, the acceptance of secularism means something totally different.

As Islam is a comprehensive system of worship (Ibadah) and legislation (Shari’ah), the acceptance of secularism means abandonment of Shari’ah, a denial of the divine guidance and a rejection of Allah’s injunctions.

It is indeed a false claim that Shari’ah is not proper to the requirements of the present age. The acceptance of a legislation formulated by humans means a preference of the humans’ limited knowledge and experiences to the divine guidance: “Say! Do you know better than Allah?” (Qur’an, 2:140) [The Saudi Gazette]  

Separation Of Church And State

 …. For Muslims, the word ‘religion’ does not only refer to a collection of beliefs and rituals, it refers to a way of life which includes all values, behaviours, and details of living.

Secularism cannot be a solution for countries with a Muslim majority or even a sizeable minority, for it requires people to replace their God-given beliefs with an entirely different set of man-made beliefs.

Separation of religion and state is not an option for Muslims because is requires us to abandon Allah’s decree for that of a man. []

Muslims told to ignore calls for change because ‘democracy goes against Islam’

The spiritual leader of Algeria’s influential Salafist movement has issued a 48-page fatwa, or religious decree, urging Muslims to ignore calls for change because he says that democracy goes against Islam.

“As long as the commander of the nation is a Muslim, you must obey and listen to him. Those who are against him are just seeking to replace him, and this is not licit,” Ramdani wrote in the fatwa obtained by Reuters.

“During unrest, men and women are mixed, and this is illicit in our religion,” said Ramdani, who claims several hundred thousand followers in Algiers. [Reuters/Gulf News]

Muslim preachers laude revolution, slam democracy

…. The statement, however, criticized the revolution’s call for the installation of full democracies. Democracy, Muslim clerics argued, allows the people have the final say in their countries’ affairs, which leads to the prevalence of several un-Islamic practices.

“In democracies, people might vote for things that are prohibited in Islam like establishing brothels, allowing homosexuality, drinking alcohol, and usury, and prohibiting the call for prayers or the veil.”

The alternative, they argue, is to apply the concept of “shura,” or consultation, only in matters that are sanctioned in Islam while prohibited matters should be out of the question.

The statement also warned of the involvement of “un-Islamic” parties in the countries’ political scene and cited the example of political parties with communist or secular ideologies. [Al Arabiya News]

Saudi cleric backs gender segregation with fatwa

A prominent Saudi cleric has issued an edict calling for opponents of the kingdom’s strict segregation of men and women to be put to death if they refuse to abandon their ideas.

Shaikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak said in a fatwa the mixing of genders at the workplace or in education “as advocated by modernisers” is prohibited because it allows “sight of what is forbidden, and forbidden talk between men and women”.

“All of this leads to whatever ensues,” he said in the text of the fatwa published on his website (

“Whoever allows this mixing … allows forbidden things, and whoever allows them is an infidel and this means defection from Islam … Either he retracts or he must be killed … because he disavows and does not observe the Sharia,” Barrak said.

“Anyone who accepts that his daughter, sister or wife works with men or attend mixed-gender schooling cares little about his honour and this is a type of pimping,” Barrak said. [Reuters]

Deoband fatwa: It’s illegal for women to work, support family

Darul Uloom Deoband, the self-appointed guardian for Indian Muslims, in a Talibanesque fatwa that reeked of tribal patriarchy, has decreed that it is “haram” and illegal according to the Sharia for a family to accept a woman’s earnings.

Clerics at the largest Sunni Muslim seminary afterCairo’s Al-Azhar said the decree flowed from the fact that the Sharia prohibited proximity of men and women in the workplace.

“It is unlawful (under the Sharia law) for Muslim women to work in the government or private sector where men and women work together and women have to talk with men frankly and without a veil,” said the fatwa issued by a bench of three clerics. The decree was issued over the weekend, but became public late on Monday, seminary sources said.

At a time when there is a rising clamour for job quotas for Muslims in India and a yearning for progress in the community that sees itself as neglected, the fatwa, although unlikely to be heeded, is clearly detrimental. [THE TIMES OF INDIA]

Islamic cleric threatens jihad if child marriage is banned

Mufti Amini said, “Banning child marriage will cause challenging the marriage of the holy prophet of Islam, who also married minor Ayesha, when she was just eight years old”.

He said, “The new law initiated by the current government will put the moral character of the prophet into controversy and challenge.”

Fazlul Haque Amini further said, “Islam permits child marriage and it will not be tolerated if any ruler will ever try to touch this issue in the name of giving more rights to women.”

It may be mentioned here that, current government inBangladeshhas taken several measures in ensuring better rights to the women thus treating child marriage as severe offense. It also recommends equal distribution of properties amongst male and female inherits. In contrary, Islamic Sharia law gives lesser rights to women as far as inheritance is concerned. It also allows men to marry any infant girl child. It may be mentioned here that, such law is prevalent in most of the Islamic republics, while in Iran, even forceful sexual relations with the married infant is allowed. A large segment of Muslim scholars and secularist individuals term this as mere perversion. [Weekly Blitz]

Saudi Sheikh Rejects Equality Between Muslims and Infidels, Men and Women

…. There are two issues here which are defined and called for by the UN, and which it requires every member nation to apply, specifically targeting Muslims. The first issue is regarding the difference between Muslims and infidels.

It is known that this contradicts the shari’a of Islam, in terms of retribution, inheritance, marriage, brotherhood, and loyalty. […]

The call for equality between Muslims and infidels has been made in conferences and seminars under the banner of humanitarianism and the like. Branching out from this is the call for coexistence, religious dialogue, and world peace, by which they deceive the Muslims into giving up the law of jihad in the path of God, and God’s requirement of disloyalty to the unbelievers. [Translating Jihad]

Fatwa: “Whoever Insults One of These Four Things, Whether in Jest or Sincerity, Has Become an Infidel and Must Be Killed

Whoever insults one of these four things, whether in jest or sincerity, has become an infidel and must be killed. This is what is shown in the text of the book [i.e. the Qur’an], and the sunnah, and all scholars (are in agreement) with it.

…. Muhammad bin Sahnun said: “Scholars are in unanimous (agreement) that whoever insults and disparages the Prophet (peace be upon him) is an infidel. Continually upon him is the threat of the punishment of Allah. The ruling on him for the Muslim community is execution. Whoever doubts his infidelity and punishment is (himself) an infidel.” [Translating Jihad]

The Trouble with Dr. Zakir Naik

The good doctor’s views run the gamut from nutty to vile, so it’s hard to pinpoint which of them has landed him in trouble. For instance, though Dr. Naik has condemned terrorism, at times he also appears to condone it.

“If he [Osama bin Laden] is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him,” he said in a widely watched 2007 YouTube diatribe. “If he is terrorizing the terrorists, if he is terrorizing America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

Dr. Naik recommends the death penalty for homosexuals and for apostasy from the faith, which he likens to wartime treason. He calls for India to be ruled by the medieval tenets of Shariah law. He supports a ban on the construction of non-Muslim places of worship in Muslim lands and the Taliban’s bombing of the Bamiyan Buddhas. He says revealing clothes make Western women “more susceptible to rape.” Not surprisingly, Dr. Naik believes that Jews “control America” and are the “strongest in enmity to Muslims.” []

Mainstream Pakistan religious organisations applaud killing of Salmaan Taseer

The increasing radicalisation of Pakistani society was today laid bare when mainstream religious organisations applauded the murder of Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab, earlier this week and his killer was showered with rose petals as he appeared in court.

…. Taseer’s call for the widely-abused blasphemy law to be reformed or abolished was so incendiary that it united rival Islamic schools of thought against any change, the moderate Barelvi sect with the pro-Taliban Deobandis.

The statute, meant to protect Islam and the prophet Muhammad from “insult”, is used to convict dozens of people on flimsy evidence each year.

“Salmaan Taseer was himself responsible for his killing,” Munawar Hasan, the head of Jamaat-e-Islami, one of the two big religious political parties, said. “Any Muslim worth the name could not tolerate blasphemy of the Prophet, as had been proved by this incident.” [Guardian]

Muslim ‘Moderates’ endorse aggressive jihad

The TranslatingJihad website has recently posted a translation from a key section in Al-Qaradawi’s Fiqh al-Jihad (see here), which discusses the issue of whether ‘moderate’ Muslims support aggressive jihad.

…. Al-Qaradawi is one of the most influential public intellectuals in the world today. He is a trustee of Oxford University’s Centre for Islamic Studies, and his program on Al Jazeera reaches an estimate audience of 40 million world wide.

…. Jihad is a highly prestigious concept in Islam. The traditional view has always been that Islam’s conquest of non-Muslim civilizations was one of its greatest achievements, and certainly not something to be embarrassed about or to resile from. To accuse a group of Muslims of rejecting aggressive jihad is a tactic which will discredit them in the eyes of many other Muslims.

There is a great irony here. On the one hand, many Western scholars defend ‘moderate’ Islam on the basis that the concept of jihad is merely defensive, or not even militaristic at all. On the other hand, as prominent and influential a scholar as Al-Qaradawi feels the need to defend ‘moderate’ Islam on the grounds that it endorses aggressive jihad. He writes:

Whoever reads their [i.e. the moderates’] opinions, will find that they accept offensive jihad, and attacking the infidels in their lands, for several reasons…

[Aggressive jihad is called for:] To ensure the freedom to propagate the call to Islam, to prevent fitna in the religion (of Islam), and to remove the physical obstacles which prevent the call to Islam from reaching the multitudes of people.

This was the reason for the conquests of the rightly-guided (caliphs) and the companions (of the Prophet), as well as those who followed them in righteousness.

Mark Durie

Saleh As-Saleh entitled ‘Islam: The Complete and Final Message to Man’ […. Muslims must keep to themselves]

The Muslim who is unable to practice his Deen must migrate from the non-Muslim land to the Muslim Land. It is recommended for those who are, otherwise, able  to practice Islam. If migration is not possible, then they should establish Muslim communities (not parties!) within their places of residence.

They are to move to the same neighborhood if that is possible. They may look at it this way:  let us have Muslim neighborhoods! Communities may have a reference “president of the community or the  like,” who works to strengthen the ‘Aqeedah (creed) of the Muslims and who co-ordinates  their affairs and works towards their Islamic welfare.

The Most Important thing they have  to work for is establishing the right ‘Aqeedah, the ‘Aqeedah of Tawheed, and dissociating  themselves and their family members from imitating the disbelievers, if they truly want to  minimize the impact of disbelief in Allah in all of its manifestations.

The disbelievers want us to be like them! Let us not be deceived. Do we want to be like the people of disbelief? The answer can be better understood if we think of Hell! [Read more here] [Also see here]

Ireland refuses entry to notorious fascist activist

The Irish Independent article states:

 Mr Al-Qaradawi is viewed as a complex character in the Muslim world. Although accused of anti-Semitism and homophobia, he has expressed some moderate views, condemning the 9/11 terror attacks and supporting Muslim integration in Western societies.

There’s really no reason to buy into this ‘complex character’ line, as Qaradawi’s views are out in the public domain for all to see.

He thinks that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish Jews and looks forward to a time in which ‘the believers’ will finish what Hitler started. See here

He supports female genital mutilation. See here

He argues that killing gay people in Islamic States helps to ‘maintain the purity of the Islamic society and to keep it clean of perverted elements’. See here

He begged God to ‘eliminate’ the United States. See here

He identifies “every Jew in the world” as an enemy of “every Muslim” and teaches that in the final days there will be a battle between “all Muslims and all Jews”, in which the Muslims will kill all the Jews. See here 

He openly and repeatedly supports terrorism against Israeli Jewish civilians, and has published a fatwa which specifically authorises suicide bombing by female terrorists. See here

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