What non-Muslims think – Surveys

This section summarises professionally implemented surveys of what non-Muslims think of Islam and Muslims. Such surveys appear regularly and are the work of highly reputable market research and polling organisations.

Half of Europeans say Islam is a religion of intolerance

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, a social democratic foundation based in Berlin, has published “Intolerance, Prejudice and Discrimination: A European Report” covering eight European countries. It includes the results of a survey of over 8000 Europeans. Islam …. plays a large role, with 50% of participants claiming that it is a religion of intolerance. See here for summary results.

52% of Britons agree that ‘Muslims create problems in the UK’

A Populus poll found that 48% of the population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism …. And 52 per cent of Britons agree that ‘Muslims create problems in the UK’. See here for summary results.

French and Germans consider Islam “a threat”

A poll by France’s Le Monde newspaper also found a majority in both countries believe Muslims have ‘not integrated properly’. Le Monde ran the results under a headline which brands efforts to get different religious communities to live side by side as a ‘failure’. See here for summary results.

What Europeans think about Islam – Recent surveys

75% of Czechs oppose building mosques. Netherlands: 73% support a burqa ban. Swedes cite integration issues as a ‘problem’. Denmark: 30% see Islam as a threat to Denmark. Germans most critical of Islam. See here for summary results.

The statistics behind “Inspired by Muhammad”

YouGov [undertook] a national survey of mainstream perceptions towards Prophet Muhammad and the results of this survey led to the “Inspired by Muhammad” advertising campaign. See here for summary results.

What the British think of religion and Muslims

NatCen, the UK’s largest independent social policy research organisation ….  immediately generated news headlines such as: Britain divided by Islam, survey finds. Islam divides us, say the majority of Britons. Britons suspicious of Islam, survey reveals. New survey highlights growing UK public concern about Islam and Muslims. See here for summary results.

Banning the burkha and face veil in the UK – Recent surveys

(1) ComRes, (2) Angus Reid and (3) Gallup Coexist Index 2009. See here for summary results.

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