Islam Surveyed

Islamophobia & the Causes of Islamophobia

Reviews Reviews of books and articles concerning Islam and Islamophobia. See here. See here.

Scholars Statements from leading Islamic scholars showing the huge gap between Islam and liberal secular beliefs. See here.

Sharia Articles and analysis concerning Sharia especially the development of Sharia “courts” in the UK. See here. See here.

Studies Identifies and reviews published research especially concerning (a) Islamophobia and (b) the Media’s coverage of Islam and Muslims. See here.

Surveys Identifies and summarises reputable polls and surveys of what non-Muslims think of Islam and Muslims and the issues related to them especially in the West. See here. See here.

Surveys of Muslims Polls and surveys of Muslims in the West and in Muslim countries giving their beliefs and views. See here.

Vox Pop The comments made on newspaper websites and on political or religious blogs give a remarkable insight into what non-Muslims think of Islam and Muslims. See here.

Why A list (updated regularly) of news reports about Islam and Muslims. There are over 1000 going back over a year. They show why there might be such a thing as “Islamophobia”. See here.

See Overall Contents here.

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